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"Grunge-style 'PAD BOYS FOR LIFE' logo, representing a commitment to women's health through education and quality sanitary pr


"Empowering 'We Love Period' logo, celebrating menstrual health and the provision of quality feminine hygiene products."

Joseph & Renee Smith are the founder and co-founder of We Love Period (WLP) based out of the suburbs of Atlanta.  WLP's vision is to educate, impact, empower 1,000,000 females in the southeast on how to experience a wholesome menstruation cycle.

     Joseph is also Co-Founder of PAD BOYS FOR LIFE (PBFL) with Clarence Thomas III.  PBFL is a voice of awareness, education, and hope in the fight to end period poverty and the silent suffering on teen girls and women alike.  PBFL also combats period poverty by hosting donation drives to raise money to supply women's shelters and other non-profit organizations that support homeless and transitioning women with Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins.  PBFL aspires to bring an end to period poverty locally, regionally, nationally, and eventually make an international mark on period poverty that cannot be erased.

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