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Service Options

  • A trip fee will apply with this service which is based on the location

    45 min

    $2 p/p + trip fee
  • A $25 flat trip fee will be applied to meet at this location.

    30 min

    $25 trip fee +$2 p/p
  • A $50 travel witness fee will be apply for each witness requested.

    30 min

    $50 travel witness
  • Buyer or Seller resides in GA but their property is outside GA.

    1 hr

    $150 Signing Agent
  • A base trip fee will be apply for courier services.

    30 min

    $45-$300 Courier Fee
  • Claimant real estate property documents.

    45 min

    $125 Notary Service
  • A trip fee will be apply for this service plus a $7.50 fingerprint fee

    30 min

    $7.50 pp + trip fee

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